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Body scrub & wrap

We use herbs and unique flower fragrance to exfoliate the entire body. First, you will be soaked in warm water with forest leaves and precious herbs that the Red Dao people have carefully picked from Hoang Lien Son in Lao Cai province (the highest mountain range in Vietnam). Then your body will be exfoliated with herbs and beans and you will be put on a facial mask made from combination of fruit and precious medicinal herbs. Finally, you will continue to be gently massaged with herbal oil. Leaving Star home Spa, your skin will still be soft and have fragannce long last so that you can feel more appealing whole day.
1 Thanh tẩy body bằng ngũ cốc tự nhiên 40' 260,000
2 Tắm trắng thảo mộc hương hoa 90' 600,000
3 (VN) Ngâm bồn tắm Pơmu & lá Dao Sapa (VN) 15' (VN) 150.000

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