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Facial with natural herbs

We will naturally make your skin healthy and glowing using home-made herbs, flowers and fruits, because we understand that nothing would compare to the beauty that comes from nature. Our technician will gently glide over important nerve endings not only on your face to wake them up and receive upcoming micronutrients. The technician's hand movements will also blend with your breaths, so that you can completely relax and enjoy the peace and quiet atmosphere at Star Home Spa.
1 Chăm sóc da từ cỏ cây hoa lá 60' 250,000
2 Thư giãn da và giải độc tố 70' 350,000
3 Trắng sáng da với vitamin C 70' 400,000
4 (VN) Cấp ẩm cho làn da (VN) 70' (VN) 400,000
5 Cấp ẩm cho làn da 70' 400,000

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