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Nourishing hair care

Herbal hair washing at Star Home Spa brings you relaxing moments, back to the good old days with your dear mother & grandma. We use the local herbs, together with the acupressure on the head to awaken the nerve endings, which helps you refresh after an intensive working day. Your hair will be cleaned by the herbal shampoo made from local ingredients like locust, lemon grass, lantana camara, goosegrass, and massaged by grapefruit oil. This will helps prevent dandruff and fungus for your hair, strengthen hairline, simulate hair growth, keeps your hair shiny and silky.
1 Gội đầu Hương Bưởi 40' 80,000
2 (VN) Gội đầu Hà Thủ Ô (VN) 40' (VN) 80,000
3 (VN) Gội đầu Gừng tươi (VN) 40' (VN) 130,000
4 Gội đầu thảo mộc – Tìm về với tuổi thơ 45' 150,000
5 Hương tóc mạ non 60' 250,000

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