Waist SculpturingStar Home Spa

Belly fat melting, tighten, slim, shape the abdomen Skin brightening, stretch marks reduction Improvement of digestive system, hormones, some gynecological and physiological problems

Waist Sculpturing

1.390.000 750.000 VNĐ

Duration: 90 minutes

Step 1: Wipe a hot towel to clean the abdominal area
Step 2: Pressing the abdominal acupoints activates blood circulation
Step 3: Clears the abdominal meridians
Step 4: Apply therapeutic essential oil to the abdominal area
Step 5: sculpting machine technology softens abdominal fat and detects abdominal blockage, maintaining digestive organs
Step 6: Technique to tighten the SLine waist shape without sagging
Step 7: Apply algae to help shape your belly
Step 8: Apply lotion.

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