Cassia Oil 10ml

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With a special, rustic and passionate scent, Cassia oil is one of the most popular essential oil because of many uses for health.

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- Product's name: Cassia Oil
- Brand: CHAI
- Made in Vietnam
- Capacity: 10 ml
- Suitable for all skin types
- Expiry date: 12 months

Cassia oil is a product extracted from 100% cinnamon bark and widely used, popular in India as well as Vietnam. With a special, rustic and passionate scent, Cassia oil is one of the most popular and essential health care products.



  • Purifies the air, deodorizes, creates a pleasant aroma for the room, kitchen cabinets, closets, cars.
  • Repels insects such as black ants, cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes, protects the respiratory system for your family
  • Good antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties help strengthen the immune system, support the treatment of coughs, colds and flu, prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi
  • Reduce headaches, relax the mind, thereby enhancing brain activity, improve memory, improve concentration
  • Increase blood circulation, good for people with heart disease and avoid stroke, angina.
  • Support digestive system
  • Reduce muscle soreness
  • Skin care, treatment of acne, infections due to antibacterial ability.
  • Supports weight loss, effectively burn fat, release blood sugar and isulin.
  • Smoothes hair, restores damaged hair

Cách sử dụng:

  • Sauna: Put 1ml - 2ml of essential oil into a steam generator to dispel fatigue, reduce congestion, help the body stay healthy, and help to beautify the skin, reduce wrinkles effectively
  • Sauna room: Put a few drops of essential oil into the oil burner to scent and essence of the essential oil to spread throughout the room to help cheerful spirits, purify the air, deodorize and repel insects.
  • Pour a few drops into a soaking tub to relax, relieve fatigue, make skin smooth and fragrant
  • Mix a few drops of Cassia essential oil with oil (olive oil, coconut oil) to massage the body, helping to soften the skin and muscles, ease aches and pains, and make you sleep more deeply. Massage on the belly also helps you stimulate the digestive system, reduce bloating, indigestion, reduce abdominal pain during menstrual days.
  • Blending Cassia essential oil with water to clean the floor, its aroma is very strong helps repel ants, cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes, protecting your home living space cleaner and more aromatic.
  • Apply Cassia essential oil to palms and soles to help keep the body warm, limiting colds.


  • Do not use on children and pregnant women
  • Pure Cinnamon essential oil has a strong heat so you absolutely do not apply directly to the skin but need to dilute or mix with other base oils
  • Do not allow essential oils to enter eyes, open wounds or sensitive areas
  • Discontinue use when detecting strange changes of essential oil such as color, moisture

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