Star Anise Oil 10ml

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Anise is an herb that can treat many illnesses like colds and digestive ... So, since ancient times, Anise essential oil has been used as a valuable remedy in Eastern Medicine.

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Star Anise essential oil is derived from the fruit of anise, the main ingredient is trans-anethol combined with more than 20 other compounds. Pure Star Aniseed essential oil has a colorless or pale yellow color and an unforgettable characteristic aroma. Anise is an herb with a warm, spicy taste capable of treating colds, digestive,... So, since ancient times, Star Anise essential oil has been used as a traditional medicine to treat many diseases.

INGREDIENT: Fruit of Anise


  • Antibacterial, respiratory protection, support treatment of asthma and dry cough. In particular, star anise oil also has the ability to melting phlegm
  • Treating digestive diseases, increasing intestinal motility and stimulating digestive system activity, preventing diarrhea, nausea, indigestion,...
  • Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, helps prevent skin diseases, enhance immunity
  • Magical pain relieving ability, especially for cases of osteoarthritis, back pain, abdominal pain, body aches and even headache ...
  • Warm your body, soothe and relax your body
  • Specific scent, gentle, helps relax, relieve stress
  • Body massage enhances blood circulation, in addition to stimulating the milk glands for postpartum mothers
  • Prevent bad breath
  • Eliminates the stinking smell of dishes, helps stimulate the taste buds thanks to the pungent aroma typical of anise


  • Sauna: Put 1ml - 2ml of essential oil into a steam generator to dispel fatigue, reduce congestion, help the body stay healthy, and help to beautify the skin, reduce wrinkles effectively
  • Sauna room: Put a few drops of essential oil into the oil burner to scent and essence of the essential oil to spread throughout the room to help cheerful spirits, purify the air, deodorize and repel insects.
  • Pour a few drops into a soaking tub to relax, relieve fatigue, smooth and fragrant skin
  • Mix a few drops of anise essential oil with base oil (olive oil, coconut oil,) to massage the body, helping to soften the skin and muscles, ease aches and pains, and allow you to sleep more deeply.
  • Blending star anise oil with water to clean the floor, its aroma is very powerful to repel ants, cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes, protecting your home living space safer, cleaner and smelling.
  • Dilute star anise oil with water to gargle


  • Pure star anise essential oil has a strong heat so you absolutely do not apply directly to the skin but need to dilute or mix with other base oils
  • Do not allow essential oils to enter eyes, open wounds or sensitive areas
  • Discontinue use when detecting strange changes of essential oil such as color, moisture

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