Lemon Grass oil CHAI 100ml

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Lemongrass Essential Oil is a product of 100% essential oils extracted from the stem and leaves of lemongrass with ethereal & pleasant fragrance

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- Product name: Lemongrass Essential Oil
- Brand: CHAI
- Made in Vietnam
- Capacity: 100 ml
- Expiry date: 12 months

Lemongrass Essential Oil is a product of 100% essential oils extracted from the stem and leaves of lemongrass, completely natural, free of chemicals. With a gentle, pleasant aroma, Lemongrass Essential Oil has the effect of deodorizing, reducing stress, cheering up the mind, repelling insects, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying the body.

Lemongrass (Scientific name: Cymbopogon flexuosus)

- Deodorize air, bring a relaxing feeling, help calm, relieve stress, reduce headache, easy to sleep
- Citral and geraniol ingredients in lemongrass help repel insects very effectively.
- Helps cool down the body, prevent flu
- Diuretic, helps to eliminate toxins through the urine
- Help to stimulate the function of intestine, protect the stomach, support the treatment of stomach ulcers
- Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, supporting the treatment of ringworm, sores, allergies, ...
- Strengthen the immune system, loosen up nasal sputum, treat flu, asthma, ...
- Body massage enhances blood circulation, reduces aches and pains, muscle aches, arthralgia
- Skin care, antiseptic, acne treatment, tighten pores

- Sauna: Put 1ml - 2ml of essential oil into a steam generator to dispel fatigue, reduce congestion, help the body stay healthy.
- Sauna room: Put a few drops of essential oil into the oil burner to let the aroma and essence of the essential oil spread throughout the room to help purify the air, deodorize and repel flies and mosquitoes.
- Apply a little to the nose to help loosen phlegm, reduce cough.
- Apply directly to insect bites
- Put a few drops of essential oil in warm water to soak, bathing helps prevent colds, colds effectively
- Drip 1-3 drops of essential oil into a teapot in the morning to help detoxify and support stomach pain
- Massage directly onto body

Preserving cool place, avoid sunlight.
When used, tightly close the bottle cap to avoid the oil evaporation and oxidation.

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